Accompanying word
A key word of this choir assembly was “lentil”. At first we were welcomed by local specialty for dinner, which consisted 90% of lentils. Later on it appeared in different forms during the following 2 days. Well, not to worry, that there were discussions and guesses if just food is not the right reason why we hardly breathe during nights and why we air rooms so long in the morning. However, the apartments were great.

We'll make it! (187kb) Facts
Place: Bojnicky (Slovakia)
Date: December 9-11 1988

The ambitions of the choir were of course much higher than an attendance on occasional activities of town or district character. We wanted to take part in a festival “The Youth is Singing” in Olomouc (Czech Republic), to organize our own festival “Trnava’s Choir Days”, to delight people with our Christmas concerts, or be successful in “choir categorization tests”. To achieve all of these we had to practice a lot and one rehearsal once a week was not enough. That’s why we started to use the intensive weekend working choir assemblies, which gained great popularity in no time after the beginning.