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A man is genially influenced by peaceful atmosphere of Christmas for many years, that’s why Tirnavia has decided to improve this influence by its Christmas concert. Throughout the concert people could also hear new trained carols and a new tradition was started. But the strict communist era in Slovakia required some compromises, so the place of concerts was changed from a cathedral or a church to a Town Hall and the texts were slightly (but mainly not successfully) modified. It was the first individual evening-long program.

Program: Orlando di Lasso Giacomo Gastoldi J.S.Bach V.F. Bystrý old Christmas carols
Date of concert: 21.12. 1988

I remember what a problem it was to modify libretto of well-known carols. It has led to many comical connections and “contemporary synonyms”. So, for example a word “Jesus” was changed to “little son” and from “saint” he became “our”. All the church expressions were usually dropped out from our vocabulary because of the era.