Accompanying word
We only spend two weekends in a year together as a family under one roof, eating breakfast together, dressed in a jogging suit, singing on corridors, with singing scores all over the rooms. Every choir assembly has its deadly stupid as well as fascinating moments. The deadly part is expressed by endlessly repeated unbelievable half steps in voice groups and the fascinating part is when we suddenly hear a wonderful harmony on a joint training of all voices and we know that our effort was not useless. In such situations we can express maybe sometimes worn-out cliché that the power is in a society or collective. Each voice is needed to fulfill the harmony but as a single one it doesn’t say much.

"Bum Slapping" - newcomer procedure (94kb)

A reception act of new members, called “Prdelica” (Bum Slapping), is an old tradition in our Tirnavia. There are no boundaries to our fantasy and so it happens that our new members are taken in by, for example, Olympic Pantheon of Gods, where, after a satisfactory fulfilling of assignments, Zeus himself – who else than Gabo (the conductor) – makes the new members swear obedience, punctuality and faith and their promise is then sealed by slapping on the … with a ladle.