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The choir Tirnavia continued in development of Czech, eventually Moravian, and Slovak relationship by a cooperation with a mixed choir from Vyskov (Moravia). This cooperation was performed by reciprocal performance, while the Moravian choir visited us in November 1996.

Vyskov near Brno, Moravia, Czech republic, 17-19th May 1996

Besides wonderful wine and a good fun on a formal party with the choir, I also remember the first censorship of a clerical officer. It happened in the time when we were due to perform a concert in a nearby town of Vyskov. We were asked by a local vicar to show him our concert program and when we did he deleted some, I remark sacral, titles. When we tried to find out what was happening we have found out that those songs were either very commonly performed or their adaptation was not very well done. Well, this cleric pastor surely responsibly watched the accurate cultural reception of his lambs. Moreover we didn’t mind those several missed pieces in a nearly one-hour concert. We enjoyed this episode for a long period afterwards, especially in connection with a fact that we experienced similar censorship – forced adaptations of Slovak carols – in a totality (communist) period of Slovak history, although this censorship was required by “the other” (communist) side.